Here you put the shortcode for the one event – ie one race of each day. This has its own gallery and woocommerce “category” and needs a shortcode pointing to the same category as the “Test Gallery”.

THIS IS IN THE VIDEO AND SO, SO SIMPLE. If you can see the buttons, top row and right above is “Toolbar Toggle” and the bottom row and right is “Insert Product Table”.

Done right, you should have a gallery for each race. Create a new “Global Model Product” for each race and add it to a new category named the same as the gallery. Select the gallery settings identical to your “Test Gallery” and ensure you actually click the “Select all” and “Create individual image products” (so far you haven’t created a product, so haven’t clicked this button once yet).

Then on a different page for each gallery (each race event or group of photos) you add the Product Table shortcode with the relevant WooCommerce category (you’ll need to create a new “Global Model Product” for each race and add it to its own new category (Call it the same as the Gallery name so it is simple).

Don’t use my “Global Model Product” or they’ll all be imported into the “Photos” Product Table and display every single photo or all galleries – create a new subcategory under “Photos”.